StoreSCP command line with DICOM OFFIS Toolkit (DCMTK)

DCMTK is a open source collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts the DICOM standard,can be compiled under Windows and a wide range of Unix operating systems including Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and MacOS X. All necessary configuration scripts and project makefiles are supplied.

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DCMTK can be downloaded as a gzip compressed tar archive or as a ZIP archive. The contents of the two archives are identical. Click here to visit and download DCMTK

1. Download DCMTK 3.6.0 – executable binaries zip file
2. Extract the zip file to your drive eg. d:\dcmtk
3. Create new .bat file with Notepad and add below line

d:\dcmtk\storescp +xa -dhl –aetitle TESTAEX -od “D:\pacstest” -uf 104

4. save and run your .bat file to act as DICOM storage server.
note :
d:\dcmtk\storescp = path to your “storescp.exe”
TESTAEX = your ae title
“D:\pacstest” = folder to store incoming DICOM files
104 = DICOM port

ClearCanvas ImageServer : open source PACS server

The ClearCanvas ImageServer is a DICOM Compliant open source PACS server and archive that includes the following features:

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  • Support for archival of studies to HSM style archives (such as the EMC DiskXtender software or Sun StorageTek QFS / SAM software) with the ability to function as a temporary cache or a standard archive. The rules engine can be used to determine which studies will be saved to the archive, and which can be deleted.
  • Support for the storage and retrieval of a wide range of DICOM storage objects.
  • A sophisticated rules engine that allows for the scheduling of various disk management activities and auto-routing of DICOM studies
  • Support for partitioning to segment data.
  • Support for multiple filesystems for storage of online DICOM studies.
  • Lossless and lossy compression of online studies using RLE or standard JPEG compression.
  • Support for a single user login, which is set at installation time.
  • Support for JPEG 2000 compression and decompression utilizing the Accusoft Pegasus PicTools library.
  • Support for audit trail logging to a centralized server through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.
  • Centralized authorization and authentication support with multiple user logins and authority tokens and groups through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.
  • Support for clustering of servers for handling of increased load.
  • Shared logins with the ClearCanvas Workstation and RIS through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.

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