Free DICOM Viewer : AMIDE

AMIDE is a free tool for view, analyze, and register medical imaging data sets. It’s been written on top of GTK+, and runs on any system that supports this toolkit (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, etc.)

Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner

Amide’s a Medical Imaging Data Examiner

Features include:

  • Abitrary orientation, thickness, and time period slice viewing of a data set.
  • Multiple data sets can be loaded and viewed at once, with either linked or fused views. Each data set can be viewed from any orientation. Fusing can be done by blending or overlay.
  • Nearest Neighbor and Trilinear interpolation functionsThe following colormaps are supported: Black/White,White/Black,Red/Green/Blue Temperature, Hot Metal/Blue/Green, Spectrum, NIH/UCLA
  • Thresholding: data sets are thresholded independently. Data sets can be thresholded over the entire data set or over each slice.
  • 3-dimensional ROI’s can be drawn directly on the images and statistics can be generated for these ROI’s. Currently supported ROI’s are ellipsoids, elliptic cylinder’s, boxes, and isocontours.
  • Imports raw data files (8bit,16bit,32bit,float,etc). Also imports Acr/Nema 2.0, Analyze (SPM), DICOM 3.0, InterFile3.3, ECAT 6/7, and Gif87a/89a (using the (X)medcon/libmdc).
  • Imports most clinical DICOM files (using the DCMTK library).

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ClearCanvas Dicom Web Viewer project source code

Update : 22/11/2012

The ClearCanvas PACS server is a DICOM Compliant open source PACS server, and this project use to view DICOM via web browser.

Tools for develop this project.

ClearCanvas PACS server
– PHP5
– Apache 2.2
– MySQL5

Project source code [wpdm_file id=1]

Basic Installation Guide
1. On Clear Canvas PACS server installed, create OBDC connection and named “testsql”
2. AppServ 2.5.10 may need to install РPHP5 РApache 2.2 РMySQL5 (apache web server) and have to config to use another port (not port 80)
3.¬† After install Appserv create folder name “pac” and “webviewer” in “c:\AppServ\www\”
4. Copy all source code file to c:\AppServ\www\pac
5. modify inc\settings.php to suite your setup.
6. Test your setup by http://localhost:yourportNo/pac

New version will be available soon.