ClearCanvas ImageServer : open source PACS server

The ClearCanvas ImageServer is a DICOM Compliant open source PACS server and archive that includes the following features:

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  • Support for archival of studies to HSM style archives (such as the EMC DiskXtender software or Sun StorageTek QFS / SAM software) with the ability to function as a temporary cache or a standard archive. The rules engine can be used to determine which studies will be saved to the archive, and which can be deleted.
  • Support for the storage and retrieval of a wide range of DICOM storage objects.
  • A sophisticated rules engine that allows for the scheduling of various disk management activities and auto-routing of DICOM studies
  • Support for partitioning to segment data.
  • Support for multiple filesystems for storage of online DICOM studies.
  • Lossless and lossy compression of online studies using RLE or standard JPEG compression.
  • Support for a single user login, which is set at installation time.
  • Support for JPEG 2000 compression and decompression utilizing the Accusoft Pegasus PicTools library.
  • Support for audit trail logging to a centralized server through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.
  • Centralized authorization and authentication support with multiple user logins and authority tokens and groups through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.
  • Support for clustering of servers for handling of increased load.
  • Shared logins with the ClearCanvas Workstation and RIS through the ClearCanvas Enterprise Server.

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MyFreePACS is a free web-based radiology image storage and viewing tool

MyFreePACS is a free web-based radiology image storage and viewing tool developed at Children’s Hospital Seattle by PACSsoft members.

MyFreePACS uses a full DICOM server to receive and store images, and then is able to transmit them over the web to the MyFreePACS web client. MyFreePACS was developed to provide an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant method for viewing Radiology images from anywhere on a hospital network, or remotely over VPN.

The MyFreePACS web client is a web page that utilizes an ActiveX control for viewing and manipulation of images. The client contains all of the tools found in modern image viewing stations including 3d localization and multi-planar reformation. Many tools in MyFreePACS are not found in the web-based viewing software from major PACS vendors. The system is built entirely on free components and freely available for download and installation from the web.

* HIPAA-compliant password-protected login sequence and full administrator-viewable access logging
* Fully DICOM-compliant Server (Mallinckrodt Archive Server)
* Easy 5-step setup to turn any Windows PC into a MyFreePACS server
* Web-based administration of MyFreePACS and DICOM server components * Web-based client installs in seconds and provides a powerful array of features for image manipulation and viewing:
o Find cases by Name, ID, Date, or Modality
o Download entire patients’ data sets, or only specific studies or series
o Lossless image compression is available for connections less than 100 megabit LAN
o Toolset:
+ Series scrolling
+ Windowing/Levelling
+ Panning
+ Zooming
+ Measurement Line
+ Single Point Information
+ Oval Information (Area/Mean/SD)
+ 3D Localization
+ Multi-planar Reformation
o Image flipping, rotating, and inverting
o JPEG Image Exporting
o From 1×1 to 5×4 window array with synchronized scrolling for Ultrasound
o Position-based image linking (offset or exact)
o Common presets for Computed Tomography
o Localizer boxes